Dawn of the Sixth Sun

El Sexto Sol, a Decree of the Movement

A Myth We Live With Ancestors

The Grandfathers left word

That this Fifth Sun which we are living,

Is going to end, end its movements,

With earthquakes on Earth and earthquakes in society.

But this Fifth Sun cannot end

Until we become aware,

Until awareness stretches and grows

Until it rains awareness,

Because this Fifth Sun is precisely,

A Sun of Awareness, of Consciousness.

This now ending Sun was created by the Primary Lords:

Teccucitezcatl, the Lord who created Moon,

Nanahuatzin, the ill but simple Lord who made Sun,

Papalotl y Mixcoatl, who were volunteers,

To give movement to the sky, to the stars:

And also because of Tochtli, the youngest Lord of them all;

By his sacrifice was the Fifth Sun created.

And now we announce the new Sun,

That will be one of Justice.

But this new Sun must be made by the common people,

by the Macehauales, with our sacrifice to offer,

Now it’s our turn.

During the long night

From the Land of the Dead

The People have resisted 500 years

Scattered by circumstance.

Yet from the oldest of Grandfathers

The way is shown, so that the way is not lost.

That’s how Cuahtemoctzin ordered it,

As we have done.

It is still early and there are many trials

That we must endure.

Perhaps we are living the blackest hour,

When the vulture flies

In the darkest silence of the night,

Life is in danger and no one knows the way.

The rain of consciousness has not yet fallen

And justice is not possible without awareness.

That’s why we continue lighting the candles

In memory of generations past

Who have resisted, to receive their power.

This light that has led us has shown us

That from North to South the night has continued for the People.

We have endured the same, and we have walked the same.

We’ll continue to light the candles

In memory of those who were persecuted

And died in sacrifice,

And in memory of all our Chiefs.

All of them, at the front of our People

All of them will give us the Strength.


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