What’s The Internal Dialogue?

Why Should I Care?

If you’re curious about the “internal dialogue,” you’ve likely been working on meditation and/or focus, or you simply don’t like the thoughts you can’t seem to stop.

Meditators, athletes and singers, for instance, deal with abilities tied directly to breathing. When attempting to concentrate on the breathing or with the breathing, all of us encounter thoughts which block the clarity and intensity of our focus.  

Increasing focus poses a challenge and opportunity for human beings.

Anyone, who for whatever reason, has wanted/needed to focus betterknows how difficult that can be. Old, and now unwanted, thoughts break focus every time we try to clear our head of any thoughts, or when we want to zero in on one thought.

The old and unwanted thoughts create a mental conflict known as the internal dialogue, and those old thoughts have nothing to do with thinking.

Thinking is now, it’s focused, it has depth and width and relevance. Thinking leads to knowing.

The internal dialogue is more like a playback of previous events, feelings and memories.

When we consider that it’s not only one thought, but sometimes, literally, hundreds of thoughts that keep playing and playing. You could call it a playlist that won’t let you cut, paste or edit. When it happens on a device, we call it a glitch.  

The problem is that the internal dialogue playback doesn’t play the best parts of life, not the highlights and definitely not just the facts. It’s the other stuff, the stuff we don’t like about ourselves, our past, regrettable actions. This playback reflects our doubts and sticks them in our face.

Doubt and fear, judgements running rampant, nagging tasks left undone, not having enough time, frustrated desires, the lie you told the boss – endless list of possibilities playing over and over again. A constant buzz

How does an event in our lives make it onto the internal dialogue playlist?

Events get on the playlist when an event registers deeply, emotionally, spiritually and physically, especially when it is unresolved in some way. You can’t talk about it. You have to lie about it. You never get justice for it.

It makes us wonder if we’re good enough? Have enough? Even when we’re doing Ok.

For instance, is anybody trying to get over jealous thoughts that come, even though you know better already? Same question applies to suspicion, resentments, past abuses. How do we deal with these unwanted thoughts and feelings that never seem to go away?

Concerns, Doubts, Deadlines, Guilt of all kinds, Relationships, Entanglements and Confusions, all of them mutter, mumble and sometimes shout, making their presence known even though they aren’t supposed to count anymore, and always at the wrong time.

Can you imagine if we could stop that noise? How that might improve our focus? Our confidence?

It all starts with observing the internal dialogue for a little time, then acting from strategy.  If you are seeking greater focus, better breathing or more clarity, please watch for our next article on the Internal Dialogue, known in some circles as the Beast. And if you have questions, you know we’re here.  


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