Do Plants Dream?

Who’s Dreaming Who?

The question made me jump when I read it. Our work here deals quite a bit with dreams and plants, each with their own separate shelf, but we really hadn’t thought about that question, at least not exactly in that way.

When one ingests a plant in any way, it is easy to see how, at least biologically, plants can affect one’s dreams. Once working inside our body the plant’s bio-chemical agents contribute to all body function, which of course, among many functions, includes dreaming.

And when ingesting psychoactive plants like psilocybin mushroom, peyote or ayahuasca, the bio-chemical affects relate, almost directly, to our dreaming/mental/resting functions.

If plants dream, what are they dreaming? Do they dream like we do, concerning the matters of their existence? Do plants dream humans, like humans dream other living things?

Creation is where our thinking starts…

If we understand what we’ve experienced and learned, through both myth and science, the rocks were here first, then the plants came, then the animals, then humans.

Dirt and rocks created a position where plants could grow, known as fertile ground. Plants grew in these fertile places and became food for the animals, and eventually, food for the humans. And now,

Where would we be without plants?

Being that we ingest something from the plant world every single day, again, where would we be without plants?

We humans believe that we are the superior life here on Earth, primarily because we have amazing brains and souls. Consider, however that the rocks and plants had to be in place before we humans could even show up. All of which, begs the questions

Do rocks and plants even need brains and souls for them to perform their Earth-walk? We humans certainly can’t operate without brains.

Could it be that rocks and plants connect to an intelligence much larger than our own? An intelligence, perhaps, that we should understand?

Do crystals need brains to power rockets and heal illness?

Do storms and hurricanes ask humans for permission?

Did humans set the seasons, design the trees, or determine where caves should go?

Makes one wonder just how “smart” Mother Nature may be, and just how much of her voice comes through plants.If you own a cat or a dog, you know they dream.Aren’t plants children of the same Mother Nature?

The beliefs that underlie our altar work center around the idea that the Creator is dreaming us, so we, in turn, can dream our creations.

Creator dreamed plants first, for some reason. Can’t plants, then, dream their creations? What do you think? Do Plants dream?


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