What Makes Magic Go Wrong

Frustrating Believers to No End

Two things, above all, make magic go wrong:

  1. The wrong attachment to the results: wanting it too much, not enough or the wrong way for you, and
  2. Cheating the spell/intention. “Cutting corners” costs in the long run.

The wrong attachment to results can turn a spell upside down. Your words can be right, but if your feelings are too far from what you want, then so are your results. It’s better to feel nothing than feel the wrong thing, better than burning energy up doubting or fretting. Over or under-attachment will get in the way of any magic.

Attachments are mostly how we hold on to our intentions, our goals. We must see our attachment as a tool in our quest.  Having a bat in our hands doesn’t guarantee a home run.

Cheating the spell sours it, too. The ingredients and paraphernalia should always be the best you can muster. For instance, many spells call for wooden matches in the supply list. The temptation to just use a lighter, robs the spell of an ingredient, or some essence of the ingredient.  

Another temptation is to drop steps or to do it silently, simply because we don’t see why a certain step is part of the ritual. It’s ok, or better anyway, to substitute steps and ingredients, but we have to remember there’s a science here that they don’t teach in schools.

Inspiration, always, is key, performing each step with the utmost care and dedication, as if you really care. Your best performance, your deepest truth. Even if you’ve got doubts, if you do it with elegance and panache, you will be surprised at the results you’ll bring home. Give it your best, plus a little more. 

An important habit, worth developing, as the last action of a ritual or spell: at your last words, turn away from it, walk away and laugh. Laugh the best you can or smile till your cheeks hurt. Simple, maybe silly, but oh, so very strong in sending a spell/prayer/intention out there! Buena suerte. Make magic as you


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