Palabra, Word

Yours and Mine

by an Anonymous Dancer

El es Dios,” says la Danzante.

El es Dios,” answer the Dancers,

In agreement,

They stand circled and ready,

for the next dance,

hearts and ears open.

Then she danced and the drum and dancers followed her.

Hands and legs, and hearts and minds.


Some might call it just a customary gesture of formality, nothing more, but Palabra is more than that. Palabra, namely, our Word, is the only thing we can take with us, a true validation of our time on Earth.

We dance barefoot on the grass. Our blood, sweat and tears mix with the Earth in that place, and we dance from the circle, shifting, moving both with and against the times we live. We do this still, as the genocide continues, because we gave our word.

It is our wish that you use your Palabra to


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