The Quest: First Act of Power

In Case You’ve Been Wondering

When curiosity and attraction evolve into quest, one’s first act of power comes next.  The Quester builds a foundation of intent under the answers she seeks. She establishes her quest.

Repeat this act daily. The repetition is its power.

Keep in mind that our suggestions are all, each one, something you’ve done before. Specifically, you’ve laid countless foundations of intent over your lifetime, since you were the winning sperm cell on the day of your conception.

Some of those foundations within have turned into issues about us we don’t like, bad habits, addictions, etc. Some foundations, however, are the power behind your livelihood and health, job skills, ability to lead, etc.

I’m referring to the times when we think so much on something, it appears in our life – good, bad, meaningless or significant, it appears.

Of course, you’ve done it before, lots of times.

This Act of Power should be flexible. That means it can take 30 seconds in a rush, or you can turn it into a day-long retreat. It’s something you’re willing to do every day until it brings what you want.

It can be a declaration, a supplication, a prayer, a song, a dance or a dance with a song and a declaration. Let it be clear what you want in this Act of Power.You want to use the best words you have to define, as well as possible, what you are questing…something that defines you, maybe not what you think you are yet, but definitely something you want from yourself, and above all, something you are willing to work for.

Who you are at this moment in time goes into this little mantra/maxim that you will broadcast into oral history on a daily basis for x amount of time. For example, we performed our mantra spoken, sung, and even danced, for seven years.

That’s when we realized we had a fireplace, an altar, a center. We had created the reality we sought through this simple act of power. We understood why we had been led to perform this act of power.

Back then, three different teachers told me the same thing, “Go decide this daily ritual you need to dol, then come back to see me.”

I said, “Yeah, about this ritual, can you give me some ideas?”

None of them could give ideas, of course, I was on my own. They all said I already knew what to do, to just go do it. When I did begin weaving the thread, I wound up returning to only one of those teachers.

In other words when I began performing this, very simple, first act of power I was immediately on the road I sought. It took a bit of time to see it, but there it is, no longer a fantasy or an imaginary hope. The act is the power.

Yes, you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. It’s your quest, after all.

We put six lines into a verse. It was more a statement than a prayer, striving for a balance between supplication and proclamation. We started with acknowledging the Creator and working through traditional wisdom and with deity guidance, worked it down to include, actually to focus, on the Creator within.

In that framework – a simple religious, spiritual framework that made sense to us – we stated what we sought to learn and repeated it daily.  Sometimes we spoke it as we rose from bed, other times it became a ceremony or a special time, song, dance and celebration. Those six lines, in other words, extended into action.

By the way, if you’ve ever been inspired by a song to work harder, love better or just get over it, you’ve “extended” lines, too.  

Each day you perform this act you will continuously thread and weave this line into a string and that, one day becomes a rope.  Soon after the realization that you have created a dynamic as thick as rope, you see the “rope” magnetizes the teaching, opportunity and experience you seek.

This act will attract and magnetize the opportunities, adventures, teachers and knowledge that you require. Naturally it will take some trust in the process of continuity, but the threading and weaving into a rope becomes a tool of communication with Spirit.

And Spirit has, by virtue of your act, a way to reach you, and I’m talking about both the Spirit above and the one within. If you’re at this place in your evolution, we wish you well on your quest. It’s not easy, not even a little bit, but worth every cut and scrape.


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