Call for Writers

Authors, Poets, Artists, Hacks, Thinkers and so forth.

Our blog is about previously hidden information and the experience we had from using that information. We have three beliefs that will give you an idea what we’re looking for.

We believe information, hidden or not, is meant to be useful, functional, satisfying; it’s supposed to advance human evolution, make life better, someway, somehow.

We believe the world around us is truly unfathomable, a treasure of power, and we believe humanity has been cut off from that treasure, to keep us all behaving like sheep, good little boys and girls.

We believe that all of us are part of the Sixth Sun, our traditional vocabulary for the new and better world that is now evolving, whether we’re ready for our role or not.

Chances are good we share some beliefs somewhere. That said, we want voices from the community to grace our posts. No one’s paying us, yet, to bring our best so we can’t pay you that way either, yet, but we will definitely give credit where it is due.

If you have something to say, we’d love to publish it. We ask it be under 1000 words and ready to post. By that we mean that it’s been edited and proofread to best of your ability. It can be fiction or non-fiction as long as it fits somewhere in healing, spirituality, magic, the occult and/or quantum physics, like the three beliefs above.

We are learning our literary standards as we grow the farm so your work enters an evolving environment. We’ll read it and where it fits our rhythm, we’ll publish it.


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