When we informed family that we were embarking on the medicine road, a healing quest, to use our inheritance in the making of our world, the typical resistance to that sort of thing rose up immediately.

Some of the resistance was typical: “Don’t you think you should concentrate on career and family right now? Are you sure about this? Who told you this?”

Obviously we overcame most of those objections – objections that rise at any of us, when we seek to elevate our station –  but there was one bit of advice that we did take. It actually became a foundation of our work and still is.

“If you’re going to put time into this, then you better bring something home.”

When we first heard that we were indignant, figuring it was an accusation of some kind. But when we remembered how many “rabbit holes” we had been down, experiments that cost us but didn’t return anything – not healing, not magic, not change, we understood.  

Of course, we learned from those experiences, but bringing something home became a motto, a battle cry. If everything we do brings something home – a feeling, a wellness, a little pay, maybe – then we’ve got something functional.

If we can create some change in the right direction, and bring something home, then maybe we’ve got something.


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