We know life on Earth is truly a gift, a miracle, if you like, and we also know that our survival is constantly facing some kind of resistance. On Earth, even the people who have it good face resistance, in some form or fashion. While one man is selling cans to make the rent, as if cursed, another man is trapped in a place where everything moves for him, as if special.

We all fit somewhere in the spectrum between dire need and abundant imbalance. We all face failure, disillusionment and death. Yet, most of us also taste triumphs, successes and positive energies, too. Life on Planet Earth, huh?

Anyone who faces resistance is going to get hurt, so they teach us ways to avoid it, to be prepared and finally ways to heal it. We have support systems, governments, family friends, rainy day money and such to help us through. One could say it’s a typical human cycle.

Our experience with the cycle taught us a couple of things. First, after we did the school thing, and the church thing, and all the “right” things we noticed our battle with resistance didn’t get any better. Bringing art to it at least made it more manageable.

Second, after we injected art into all the good counsel, then we experienced real change. We learned art solves the problem as it transcends the problem.


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